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Create ambiance in your garden with Meadowville Garden Centre’s selection of garden decor. Our collection of outdoor decor ranges from the soothing allure of fountains to the artistic expression of unique sculptures, providing you with everything needed to personalize your outdoor space. Our garden decor items are designed to fit any aesthetic, whether you are aiming to craft a tranquil haven or a lively area for entertaining guests.

At Meadowville, we understand that garden decor is not just about beautification—it’s about creating spaces that reflect your style and enhance your quality of life. Explore our wide variety of decor options that promise to add a distinctive touch to any garden layout. From classic to contemporary, rustic to chic, find the perfect pieces to complement your existing landscape or inspire a complete renovation.

Visit Meadowville Garden Centre today to start transforming your garden into a visually stunning experience that captivates and delights. Our knowledgeable staff are eager to help you select decor that not only fits your vision but also thrives in our Southern Ontario climate.

Featured Garden Decor

Swing by the garden centre to explore our selection of garden decor items. Some popular decor items are:

Garden Pots

Stylish Decorative Plant Containers
Show off your plants with our decorative pots that blend functionality with style. These pots come in a variety of materials and designs, perfect for integrating with any garden theme or colour scheme.


Artistic Garden Accents
Our garden sculptures range from classic to contemporary, providing an artistic flair that personalizes your space. Make your garden uniquely yours.

Garden Benches

Relaxation-Ready Decor
Enhance your garden's charm with our stylish garden benches. Perfect for creating serene spots to sit and enjoy your outdoor space, these benches add both functionality and beauty to your garden.


Tranquil Water Features
Add a touch of tranquility to your garden with our beautiful fountains. Available in various styles and sizes, these water features bring soothing sounds and movement to your outdoor areas, making them a peaceful haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular garden decor includes items like fountains, sculptures, and bird baths that add visual interest and functionality to outdoor spaces. These elements help create a personalized and inviting garden atmosphere.

How do I choose the right garden decor for my outdoor space?

Consider the style and size of your garden when choosing decor. Select items that complement your existing landscaping and fit the scale of your space. Incorporate elements that reflect your personal style and enhance the garden’s natural beauty.

How should I maintain my garden decor to ensure it lasts?

Regular maintenance is key to preserving garden decor. Clean items periodically to prevent dirt and algae buildup, especially for water features and bird baths. Store what you can indoors over the winter and check for weather-induced wear and apply protective coatings as needed to avoid rust and corrosion.

How can I use garden decor to attract wildlife to my garden?

Bird baths, small ponds, and certain types of sculptures can attract various wildlife. Bird baths provide water to birds, while sculptures can double as shelters for small creatures. These elements make your garden more lively and enjoyable by encouraging biodiversity.

What garden decor is best for creating a focal point?

Sculptures, large fountains, or bold decorative pots make excellent focal points in any garden. Choose a piece that stands out in size, color, or design to draw the eye and anchor your outdoor space visually.

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